about the designer

Melise Senaydin grew up in Atlanta, Georgia before transferring to New World school
of the Arts
in Miami, Florida her junior year to study visual arts at the nationally recognized
school. She continued to pursue a higher education at Rhode Island School of Design, a
decision that was influenced by a lifelong vision.

Melise is a print media connoisseur of the tallest order, having collected and dissected
magazines since childhood. Melise has studied sculpture, illustration, and textile design, but
she finds her deepest passion in graphic design.

After graduating RISD, Melise worked as a design assistant at Martha Stewart Living
magazine where she was given opportunities to learn and develop skills as an art director
under the tutelage of Eric Pike.

Soon after, she moved to the premiere bridal publication, Martha Stewart Weddings,
as an assistant art director where she further realized her obsession with producing rich
imagery and stories for print.

Eventually her love of fashion drew her back to Harper’s Bazaar, where she felt her design
aesthetic resonated most. She designs typography that stays true to the rich history of Harper’s Bazaar,
yet executes Glenda Bailey’s vision for the future of the publication.

Above Image: The Harper's Bazaar "Decade" book wall.